Heavy Duty towing  Concord – Facts

The two most common reasons people need their cars towed include auto accidents and auto breakdowns. Neither one is generally a planned for event and hopefully you have AAA or auto insurance that covers this unexpected event. If not, you may want to consider adding it because it is a service that generally pays for itself even if you only use it once a year.

Many people resist adding anything extra on to their auto insurance because they are afraid it will only increase the amount of their auto insurance premiums but adding emergency road service, including towing to auto insurance is usually a very low additional fee and most of the time it probably won’t even be noticed.

And it is more likely than not that this will end up being a service you find yourself needing more than any other aspect of your auto insurance. The cost savings when you do end up being towed for one reason or another is well worth the low premium rate you will end up paying every month.

Just think about it. If you’re in a fender bender that disables your car’s ability to drive, even if it’s just because your air bag deployed, you will need towing services to get your car the nearest garage. Sometimes the nearest garage can be twenty or more miles away depending on your geographic area and how far it is between towns. An accident or break down in the middle of nowhere can become very complicated if you have to add bringing a mechanic out to your location because you can’t get your car to their location.

And it doesn’t take much to disable a car but not total it. If you’re in an accident and your car is not drive able because of a bent or twisted drive shaft for example, you need to make sure your car is towed with a flatbed tow truck to avoid doing any further more permanent damage to your vehicle.

The temptation to start towing your own vehicle using a tow rope or tow bar may be great, but if your car is towed incorrectly the liability will fall on your shoulders. If you don’t understand when to use a flatbed tow and when to use a crane or rope tow, you should let a professional tow truck company assume the liability and spare your car any further abuse or damage.

If you do decide to tow your own vehicleFree Reprint Articles, make sure you are equipped to do it properly. Don’t tow your own vehicle without the proper hook up including a proper tow light set up. If you risk a quick tow without the proper set up you risk causing an accident and really needing a tow truck to haul things away.